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Naturally Focussed Reading – BIONIC


In current times, when the world Is running forward at a faster pace and people are all more socially connected virtually than physically, Bionic reading comes as the biggest asset to churn up our brains.

Most of our days are monotonous and robotic that even reading never actually provides its true value to the human self. With bionic reading, not only it forms a faster approach to reading but more importantly, we understand and even remember what we have read, which rarely happens during a normal read!

Time to know more about something that can add value to ourselves, isn’t it? Read on to understand more about quality reading.


What is Bionic reading?

It’s a type of font where the initial letters are bold, which helps guide your eyes through the text at a faster pace. Studies suggest that our brain can complete a certain word more easily if it’s written the bionic way. The tool is simple. Certain texts are highlighted to make them more recognizable.

It was originally posted by @Christophepas, saying Bionic Reading “Feels like Finally unlocking 100% of your brain.”



  • Saves time
  • Processing information in a shorter amount of time
  • Efficient reading of Texts
  • Better and longer focus during Reading with less strain on the eyes.
  • READ and understand better & FASTER


What is the purpose? Why was it invented?

Founded by typographic designer Renato Casutt from Switzerland in 2016, the creation of artificial fixation points claims to guide the eye through the text along with the brain remembering the read context or in simpler words, it allows the eyes to focus only on the bolded part, whereas the brain quickly fills the rest of the word. It supports and guides the reader. It helps to reduce distraction and improve retaining information by bolding a few letters within a block of text.

Proved to be very effective for people suffering from ADHD, Dyslexia, and other forms of learning disabilities to read faster. As we all know the brain reads faster than the eyes.

Casutt’s goal for bionic reading says “Bionic Reading aims to encourage a more in-depth reading and understanding of written content.”


The process. How is it achieved in the Human System?

The word Bionic is a combined word which means life is given to technology. Our brain is given more importance than our eyes.

In this process, the eye is given guidance. The Guidance to the free flow of reading with the help of letter highlights. We may come across words such as Fixation, Saccade and Opacity when reading about Bionic mode, so let’s understand what they mean.

Fixation – When we Fixate or centre on a part of a word, information is sent back to the brain which triggers our already stored memory. This helps us to causally flow through the word very easily.

Saccade – The words/letters coming between your fixations (Highlighted letters) are your saccades. It defines our visual jumps from one word to the next.

Opacity – Opacity defines the visibility of your fixations. The brightness of your bold characters.

All these three words coming together in proper ratio defines how well one person can read. Since user customisation is available via the settings during a bionic read, these three components can be varied as per user convenience.


Is it the same as Speed reading?

The answer is no. While one emphasises on words or letters and leaves the rest for the brain to capsulate, the other highlights one short piece of text at a time.

While speed reading requires an inbuilt knowledge of words, bionic reading can be done easily by anyone as it happens intuitively. It is not just a faster reading approach, but more importantly, it is a focused reading way which can help the user broaden his language spectrum.

Another distinct piece of information that separates the two forms regarding the tool is, while no dedicated app is required to be downloaded for bionic reading, the speed reading requires an application to be downloaded. Moreover, only textual modifications happen in bionic reading, keeping the format and the layout of the page as its origin. But speed reading changes the entire presentation of the layout.

To put it in simple words, speed reading can be suggested for hardcore readers and Bionic reading for the common man or anyone with language disabilities.


Bionic reading for ADHD and DYSLEXIA – The facts and Feedback

Newsweek reports that Bionic Reading has gathered feedback “indicating that—thanks to their system—people with dyslexia immediately understood the content of various texts the first time they read them, which they said was impossible without the help of Bionic Reading.”

Similarly, TikToker Dana Kidd’s who had made a reaction video to a paragraph converted to bionic reading added “if you’re neurodivergent and gave up reading physical books in the past, try reading the sample text on her video and see if you’re able to focus and read.” Her post garnered 7.4 million views and went viral which is pinned on her account.

Another feedback from Helen Villiers, who is a psychotherapist had asked her followers on TikTok to test themselves as to which was easier to read. Whether it’s the bionic side or the normal reading text. The response related to several neurodivergent users found the bionic reading way easier.
As research carries on, bionic reading is termed a “game changer “for focused and easier reading without getting distracted.
The online reactions and the various feedback have motivated the Bionic team to expand the application so that it can be used as a standard in all kinds of software products.

Helping readers who face a challenge in reading and understanding is pure motivation for the Bionic team and they consider it as a responsibility towards society, which they are very happy to fulfill.


How to get the app? How can one use bionic reading?

The founder, Casutt’s goal is for Bionic Reading to be integrated into all existing apps and services. “In a digital world dominated by shallow forms of reading,” the website says, “Bionic Reading aims to encourage a more in-depth reading and understanding of written content.”

Bionic Reading is available as an API (Application Programming Interface) or SaaS (Software as a Service). It is a free tool and is available as an extension in the Chrome Webstore. Downloading the same is possible which can be used on Chrome, Edge and Brave web browsers.

  • Visit Bionic Reading and Click on Bionic Reading Extension
  • Install it and click on the add to chrome prompt
  • Pin the downloaded extension onto your toolbar for frequent use
  • When reading a text, click on the pinned extension for the text to be converted to a Bionic mode read.
  • After activating the bionic read, one can customise the settings (Settings icon at the top right corner) of your extension at your convenience. Various options allow you to change how many letters appear in bold, the “strength” of the text, the font size, etc.
  • At the bottom right of the page are present the buttons which allow the text to be downloaded into PDF format.

What are the Challenges faced?

Although the pluses surpass the minuses of bionic reading, some of the doubts cropping up are

  • Does it make sense for the shorter texts?
  • Will it affect the elegance of the regularly bolded syllables?
  • And how will bionic bolding of letters affect the normal bold words which are done for emphasising certain concepts?

All these are yet to be researched and figured out, but one cannot deny the fact that the bionic mode of reading helps people to read faster through books or websites and gather the information they require easily.


The future of BIONIC Reading

Many times, we feel we are spending too much time reading or looking at our computer screens and not comprehending anything! It does nothing but just can be regarded as an absolute waste of time. With many normal and challenged readers routing for Bionic reading, the future sees a vast expansion and customisation of Bionic reading for all users.

Focussing on individuality, developing an app that can suit the diverse needs of the users is their primary motive.

All this sounds very interesting and would want one to try out the new mode of reading.


HelloHow are you doinghope this day finds you in good health and happinessAm here to research the new mode of reading called Bionic Reading.

If the above sentences appeared to be more focused and easier to read then maybe you should give it a try!
Just as a start here’s the link for direct conversion.


“The possibilities for use are almost limitless,” shared Casutt. So, let’s hope the new technology finds its way to help people around the world to read and gain knowledge.