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There are many different ways to use the same engine, depending on how it is tuned. Even if two vehicles have the same engine, they will have different specifications depending on how the engine is tuned. The company that buys the engine from the manufacturer tunes it according to their specific needs and criteria. For example, you might compare a Maruti Suzuki Celerio to a Maruti WagonR.

Here, we are talking about matrimonial websites and eCommerce websites. Now, let us bring some eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. into the picture. What if we try to compare eCommerce websites with matrimonial websites?! And chart out all the similarities and differences of these websites? How crazy and fun would it be!  Let’s dive right into it step by step.

1. Image Field.

The first thing we notice on both these websites is a specific space for images. The space is usually at the top left corner of the web page. If it is a picture of the bride or groom put up on matrimonial websites; the product image would be showcased to get a preview of the product for customers on e-commerce websites.

2. Shortlisting / Wish-listing.

There are some similarities between the way people shortlist candidates for marriage on matrimonial websites and the way they add items to their shopping carts on e-commerce websites.

3. Price Filter.

Let’s break down how price filters work on e-commerce websites. We can find a similar filter, such as how much money a person makes, to help us compare things. This comparison is funny because it is so true.

4. Location-Based Results.

If you look closely, you’ll see that many matrimonial websites and dating apps have a “Nearby matches” feature. This feature helps you find people who are close to you and might be a good match.

The pin code or required address of the consumer is very important to e-commerce sites for product availability. This way they can send out your items when you order them, and make sure that it gets delivered on time!

5. Detailed Description.

Now, let’s talk about the most important feature of summary or product description on e-commerce websites. This feature is also present in matrimonial websites, where you can find detailed descriptions of potential candidates.

6. Trust Building Badges.

We will then talk about a topic that increases our trust in using these websites. Both of these websites demonstrate this “trust” in different ways.

The best-selling products are listed on eCommerce sites with various badges, such as FSSAI, to win our trust. Memberships offered to customers are another example of this type of marketing strategy. Multiple sales, such as the year-end sale, are a type of this feature. 

When we visit matrimonial websites, we find many sections that have been “verified” to regain our trust. For instance, verifying a person’s salary, contact information, email address, and education. 

We can also become Silver, Gold, or Platinum members of matrimonial websites. This is another kind of similarity that we overlook

7. Chat Service.

Both of these websites have a service well known. That service is called “chat.” (“chat” or text with the “product” ) On matrimonial websites, we use text to talk to someone who might be a good match for us. On e-commerce websites, we use text to talk to customer service representatives who can help us buy products.

8. Up-selling.

Another feature that is not usually noticed is “up-selling.” When you are looking at a product to buy on an e-commerce site, you can always see below it a combination of other items that go with the product.

Matrimonial websites “up-sell” their service by also providing catering services and event management.

9. After Service.

Lastly, there is the after-sales service feature. On e-commerce sites, we have product replacements for products that have a guarantee or warranty. But if we check out matrimonial websites, we can also say that there is still a chance to get remarried if we are unhappy in our marriage or even divorced. Interestingly, we can also notice a similarity in this feature.

It All Depends Upon Perception.

These websites may use the same programming language, much like how cars run. It depends on how people see it and on our perception of it.